Dangerous driving- Victorian style!

Montreal Transcript

18 July 1844


It is only a few days since we drew attention to the ruffianly conduct of the fellows who are entrusted with the care of cabs and caleches in this city.  These remarks, however, seem to have had little effect, as the Montreal Herald of yesterday contain a fearful catalogue of accidents which have arisen from this cause.  In one instance, it will be seen that a respectable gentleman has been killed.  The number of the cab by which this tragedy, was accomplished is fortunately known, and we trust that immediate steps will be taken to punish the guilty parties.

Repeated acts of recklessness and disregard of life to notice on the part of cabmen and calechemen.  A few days ago, a woman was knocked down in the Quebec Suburbs by a cabman, who then whipped his horse and escaped.  A little girl was run over in Dalhousie Square on Monday.  A day or two since Dr. O’Doherty was knocked down and severely hurt by a cabman, and has been dangerously ill since.  And yesterday Captain Doyen of St Ours, a Canadian gentleman of respectability in that parish, was struck on the breast by the shaft of caleche no 149, belonging to one Milton, and driven by a little boy, and the wheel passed over his body.  He died in the course of an hour and a half.  The unfortunate gentleman was 74 years of age.