I have been researching my family’s history since High School, and so have masses of information about them, some of which I have already posted here to my blog. Of course, you can access these blog posts by keywords, but I have taken the liberty of providing some of the highlights.

I work very hard at researching my family’s history, and I enjoy sharing my research with others. However, I have lately discovered people using my information, and more particularly my photos without credit (like on Ancestry). I make every effort to credit my sources of information in this research, and I would appreciate it if you use this material that proper citation or credit is given. Thanks.

Family Names and geographical locations of interest:

Leitch (Glengarry ON, Montreal, and Saltcoats, Scotland)

Cashion (Glengarry ON, New York State, California and Arizona)

Cuddy (Swinford, Ireland and Montreal, QC)

Corley (Swinford, Ireland, Montreal QC, Winnipeg MB)

Paulin (Henley-on-Thames England, Birmingham England, Ilford England, Victoria BC and Leigh-on-Sea England)

Davis (Birmingham England)

Squelch (Toowoomba Australia, and Birmingham England)

Jennings (Salt Lake City Utah, Yardley and Birmingham England)

Cutler (Sherborne Dorset, Eton England, Camberwell England)

Newall (Cornwall County ON, Dumfries Scotland)

Bryden (Cornwall County ON, Dumfries Scotland)

Neal or Neil (Saltcoats Scotland and Glengarry ON)

Guise (London England, Windsor Castle England)

Windham (London England, Norfolk)

Smith (Birmingham England)

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Angus Donald Cashion Jr
Angus Donald Cashion Jr

(Family names associated with the Cashions: Spink, McCosham, and Leitch, Burton, Grant, MacDonald)

Monuments   More Monuments Williamstown   Mary Jane Cashion  Daniel Cashion  Daniel Cashion Another Mary Jane  Rachael Cashion  Patrick Spink

Corley Hotel, Swinford, Ireland.
Corley Hotel, Swinford, Ireland.

(Names associated with Corley: Cuddy, Foy, Groark, Leitch, Magnusson, Fitzsimons, and Berkofsky)

Timothy Corley   Corley Gossip Descendants Burials  Corley Hotel  Corleys in Montreal
Swinford  Timothy Corley in Toronto

c. Notman collection, McCord Museum of Canadian History
c. Notman collection, McCord Museum of Canadian History

(Names associated with Cuddy: Wright, Morley, O’Sullivan, and Hicks)

Matthew Hicks   JP Cuddy is not Insane  Burial in Montreal   James Cuddy  Margaret Cuddy   Sarsfield Cuddy   Lawrence Hicks  Cuddy Sisters  Descendants of James Cuddy Cuddy chart   Another Montreal Cuddy JEE Cuddy   Florence Cuddy  Mary Ann Cuddy  Honorah cuddy  Francis Cuddy   Morley burial

John Cutler portrait, courtesy of Sherborne School, Dorset
John Cutler portrait, courtesy of Sherborne School, Dorset

(Names Associated with Cutler: Freak, Camilleri, Paulin, Windham, Guise, Churchill-Longman, Pratt, Boyd, Llarena)

Louisa Freak  John Cutler Cutler Oddysey  Camilleri Chart

Emma and Belle Jennings
Emma and Belle Jennings

(Names associated with Jennings: Deveraux, Thornton, Smith, Thompson, Mitchell, Stokes)

Deveraux Connection  St Edburghas Thomas Jennings Jennings Ancestors

James Leitch and family, Canada, c 1850
James Leitch and family, Canada, c 1850

(Names associated with Leitch: Corley, Neal, Cashion, Bryden, Strickland)

James Leitch  Hugh J Leitch  Wedding  David Leitch  John Strickland Leitch  James Leitch KC James Leitch Obit   James in Williamstown James Leitch of Saltcoats Ardrossan monument Margaret Barclay Leitch  Newall-Bryden in Williamstown   Stonehaven  Wartime Service

Walter Newall of Craigend, Dumfries Archives
Walter Newall of Craigend, Dumfries Archives

Newall Copeland and Bryden
(Names associated with Newall, Copeland, and Bryden: Leitch, Brown, Kinnear)

Walter Newall Copeland  Robert Newall  Walter Newall Burial  Nathan Copeland  Archibald Copeland   Agnes Newall Bryden

Paulin family, collection of LM Blackwolf
Paulin family, collection of LS Blackwolf

(Names associated with Paulin: Goodwin, Cutler, Jennings, Pauline, Rutherford, Short, Clements, Gardiner, Lapraik, and Bennett)

Mary Pauline   Louisa Cutler  Frederick Pauline obit   Frederick Pauline ancestors  George and Sarah Paulin   Sarah Ann Paulin Bennett  Frederick Pauline BC  Pauline Descendants Henley Graves 

Squelch family in Kleinton, Australia
Squelch family in Kleinton, Australia

(Names associated with Squelch: Davis, Arrowsmith, Smith)

Albert & Harriet Squelch  Ada Louisa Squelch
Mystery Photos
Every family collection of photos which they cannot identify, and here is my hopeful attempt at trying to put a name to these interesting faces!