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Obituary, Capt John Leitch, 1883

Dundee Advertiser, 25 July 1883, page 8


Suddenly, on board the steamer Saragossa in the Mediterranean, Captain John Leitch (Commodore of the Cunard Fleet).  He was born at Raise Street, Saltcoats, and went to sea at 14 years of age.  He joined the Cunard Line, and worked his way up to the position of Master.  Deceased at 66 years of age, and had served 52 years at sea, with less than 37 being in the Cunard Company, and for the most of that long period as captain. No higher testimony can be borne to his skill and [illegible] as a navigator than to mention the fact during his career he never met with an accident or [illegible] at sea.



Galt Caledonian Games, 1882

Alloa Advertiser, 2 Sep 1882, page 3

The fourth annual games of the Galt Caledonian Society came off on the 10th August, and were very successful, although the weather was rather unsettled.  The competition was far above the average, and created great interest. Donald Dinnie, of course, carried everything before him in the heavy weight contests, but the other athletes made good records, as the following abstract of the prize list shows: – Putting heavy stone, 21 lbs – 1. Donald Dinnie 37 ft 6 in; 2. Archibald Scott, Brussells 35 ft 8 in; 3. M Macdonald Toronto, 32 ft.  Running high jump – 1. A Scott 5 ft 5 in; 2 A Watson, Ratho 5ft 3 in; 3 M Macdonald 5 ft.  Strathspeys and Reels – 1 H Henderson, Alliston; 2 John Monroe, Buffalo; 3 Donald Dinnie.  Putting light stone – 1 Donald Dinnie 45 ft 2 in; 2 A Scott 41 ft; 3 M Macdonald 40 ft 6 in.  Throwing heavy hammer – 1 Donald Dinnie 100 ft 3 in; 3 M Macdonald 89 ft 5 in; 3 T Shields 85 ft.  Throwing light hammer – 1. Donald Dinnie 122 ft 2 in; 2 M Macdonald 113 ft; 3 A Scott 102 ft 3 in.  Tossing Caber – 1. Donald Dinnie 38 ft 5 in; 2 M Macdonald 36 ft 10 in; 3 T Shields 34 ft 10 in.  Reel of Tulloch 1. John Monroe; 2 H Henderson; 3 Donald Dinnie.  Best dressed Highlander – Dr McMichael, Buffalo.  Sword dance – 1 H Henderson; 2 John Monroe.  Best piper, march and quicksteps – Smith and Monroe –equal.  Highland Fling – 1 H Henderson; 2. Donald Dinnie.  Best pibroch player G Smith.

Cutler v Boyd – liability of executors – family mess, 1889

Western Daily Press, 30 March 1889, page3

The liability of Executors – Es Elizabeth Bennison, deceased v Cutler and Boyd – This administration action relating to the affairs of the late Elizabeth Bennison of 13 Royal Crescent, Bath, came before Mr. Justice Eckewich in the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, yesterday.  Mr. CM Warmington QC, MP and Mr. JF Waggall appearing for the plaintiffs, and Mr. Ralph Neville QC MP and Mr. Vernon Smith, representing the defendants, who are the executors of the testatrix’s will, which is dated the 14th October 1885.  The object of the action was to recover from the defendant Dr Sprott Boyd of 34 St George’s Road, Eccleston Square, London, and from the second defendant Herbert Lygen Cutler, a solicitor, the amounts due to the plaintiffs, as legatees under the will of the testatrix, and to have her estate duly administered. The present action was brought with a view to make Mr. Boyd responsible for the acts of his co-trustee.

His Lordship, after considerable argument, gave his judgement holding that Dr Boyd was responsible for what had been done by the defendant Cutler, and must therefore make good the loss that had been occasioned to the estate.  He, however expressed great sympathy with the Doctor, and granted a stay of execution pending appeal, upon that gentleman giving such security for the cash as would satisfy the court.

Sousa’s Band, Montreal, 1917

Montreal Gazette, 11 July 1917, page 4


Sousa’s Band Saturday

Sixteen Days’ Engagement Opens at Dominion Park

John Philip Sousa, and his famous Band will be the next special attraction at Dominion Park.  Sousa’s Band has been engaged to give two concerts daily for sixteen days, commencing Saturday, July 14th.  There are numbers of musicians playing in Sousa’s band today who were original members in the first concert by the organization in September 1892, which was given in the Broadway Theatre on a Sunday evening.  There are certain members who have played continuously with Sousa ever since, and very many who have been on the list and played at intervening times, as for instance some whose family obligations prevented them from going abroad with Sousa on his five foreign tours, including his tour around the world.  The soloists with Sousa’s Band are Miss Virginia Root, soprano; Mr. Percy Hemus, baritone; and Mr. Herbert L Clarke, cornetist.

Kiddie Koops, Montreal, 1934

Montreal Daily Star, 16 June 1934, page 7

Kiddie Koops


4.75 down and 3 monthly payments of 5.00

So fresh and airy for the kiddies.  Can be used either as a cot or play-pen.  Completely screened in to keep out flies, insects, etc., but allows free circulation of fresh air.  50 in long, 26 in wide and 34 ½ in high.

7ds16june1934-kiddie coops

Dress Ethics for St Andrew’s Ball, Montreal, 1922

Montreal Gazette, 29 Nov 1922, page 4


Dress Ethics for St Andrew’s Ball – Society Brand

OVERCOAT – Black or Dark Blue chesterfield or cape

COAT – Evening tall coat

WAISTCOAT – White washable or silk V or U opening

TROUSERS – Same material as coat. Plain braid.

SHIRTS – Stiff bosons of modest pique or linen

COLLARS – poke or bold wing

GLOVES – plain white glace kid for indoors, white buck for out of doors

SOCKS – sold black, plain or clocked

CRAVATS – white, club or batwing

BOOTS – patent leather, single lace or pumps

JEWELRY – one or two studs.  Pearle or combinations of enamel or precious stones to match cuff links


307 St Catherine St W Case in the Drummond Building

Traffic Safety, Montreal, 1931

Montreal Daily Star, 23 Mar 1931, page 4

[Plus ca change…..]

City pests that need attention

The increasing number of motorists who think they can treat stop signs, safety cones, mud splashing law, speed limits and public safety with reckless impunity, and openly flout and disregard traffic regulations.

4ds23mar1931-car cartoon

The Empire University cartoon, 1930

Montreal Daily Star, 16 Jan 1930, page 4

The Empire University

Principal John Bull (to discontented student with fantastic ideas) Just as soon as you graduate in your unity and self-development Sudan.  This degree will be conferred on you as it has been on other students and nothing would give me greater pleasure.


Census humour, 1911

La Presse, 16 Jun 1911 page 2


Les Joyeuses du recensement no 11

Enumérateur- Quelle est la langue qui domine dans la maison?

Le Monsieur – C’est celle de ma belle-mère.

[Enumerator – which tongue dominates in the house?  The man of the house – that of my mother-in-law.


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