I am a historian, genealogist and writer.  I have published a number of books and articles on a number of subjects.  As a historian I specialise in Canada/Quebec in the 19th Century. I have also published extensively about Doctor Who and science fiction.  As a genealogist I have published about my own family’s history.


My Phd Thesis “The Importance of Being English” can be found here.

My Master’s Thesis “Community and Identity” can be found here.



Here is a sampling of my work which is currently available:

A Chapter in Celebrating Canada: Holidays, National Days, and the Crafting of Identities, edited by Matthew Hayday and Raymond Blake, University of Toronto Press, 2016.



“Holidays are a key to helping us understand the transformation of national, regional, community and ethnic identities. In Celebrating Canada, Matthew Hayday and Raymond Blake situate Canada in an international context as they examine the history and evolution of our national and provincial holidays and annual celebrations.

The contributors to this volume examine such holidays as Dominion Day, Victoria Day, Quebec’s Fête Nationale and Canadian Thanksgiving, among many others. They also examine how Canadians celebrate the national days of other countries (like the Fourth of July) and how Dominion Day was observed in the United Kingdom. Drawing heavily on primary source research, and theories of nationalism, identities and invented traditions, the essays in thiscollection deepen our understanding of how these holidays have influenced the evolution of Canadian identities.”

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A Chapter here:

In celebration of the first five years of the DePaul Pop Culture Conference, this book collects essays, thoughts, and contributions from participants over the past half decade. From Doctor Who to Star Trek, the works of Joss Whedon to Supernatural, and of course the fifth anniversary event on Harry Potter, enjoy the 100 or so essays about the importance of Pop Culture in our lives. With keynote essays from Robert Shearman (Doctor Who) Brannon Braga (the Star Trek franchise), Robbie Thompson (Supernatural), Lisa Klink (Star Trek Voyager), Cheryl Cain (Firefly), and Alanna Bennett (Harry Potter)!

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cover companions

My most recent book is “Who Travels with the Doctor? Essays on the Companions of Doctor Who” co-edited with Sherry Ginn, and available from McFarland Publishers  or Amazon

“Time-Travel Television: The Past from the Present, the Future from the Past” co-edited with Sherry Ginn, and published by Rowan & Littlefield. Get it on amazon


My most recent article was published in Montreal en Tete no 66, Automne 2015, called “Les Anglais de Montreal.”  It was a follow-up to my previous article in Montreal en Tete, no 65 Automne 2014, called “Les Ecossais de Montreal.” See this web site for more information: here

I have an article in the book: “De la representation a la manifestation: Groupes de pression et enjeux politiques au Quebec, XIXe et XXe siecles” edited by Stephane Savard and Jerome Boivin, Septentrion, 2014.


You can order the book here: order

I have also edited a book on Doctor Who published by McFarland Publishing.
To order the book: http://www.mcfarlandpub.com/book-2.php?id=978-0-7864-6549-1