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Schedule of Events

July 18th:

Tour of Oak Bay Archives – including their collection of Frederick Paulin(e) Sr’s paintings

Ross Bay Cemetery – Ross Bay Cemetery has the oldest surviving formal landscape design in BC and is a superb example of a Victorian-era burial ground. Its profusion of unusual trees and plantings, winding carriageways, graves with intriguing marble, sandstone and granite monuments, all bear witness to the people buried here. A number of our family members chose this as their final resting place  [Tentatively planned]

July 19th:

Visit  the British Columbia Legislature (where Frederick A Pauline was speaker of the Legislative Assembly 1922-24 and where his portrait now hangs). I have heard back from the current Speaker’s office and they have said:

” the Speaker has asked me to make arrangements for your family to have a special tour of the Buildings on July 19th. I’m happy to do that for you; can you let me know what time of the day would be most convenient to you and how many people will be in your party? I can have a tour arranged that will include some special elements specific to your family history, if you also let me know if any in your group have any mobility issues the tour can be tailored for those needs as well.”

If anyone is interested in going, the time is set for 2pm.  I have said that we will likely be about 30 people, but if people could email me and say whether they are interested, and if they have any mobility issues that need to be addressed, that would be very appreciated.  This is a free event.

Reunion dinner – location to be determined by the number of people wishing to attend – RSVP gilliandoctor at gmail as soon as able.  Casual or formal?  Opinions please!

July 20th:

Visit to Tod House, 2564 Heron Street, Oak Bay, to have a portrait of the family members taken on its porch/front in a similar pose to that at the top of this page, taken around 1892.  Photographer has already been arranged at no cost to the participants.

Tea at the Empress – for those wanting the party to continue, and to enjoy a Victoria tradition – RSVP gilliandoctor at gmail as soon as able.

I will use this page and the Facebook page to update on what is happening …..

If you intend to come, please contact me – once I have a better idea of numbers, and of course what activities would interest you …..

I am trying to organise this so that most of the activities will be free, or open to your own budget.  That means if there is a dinner, you choose the meal, and if there is an entry fee, then you pay it when you enter.  I don’t want to have to collect money ahead of the events.


For those who are coming from afar, Victoria is a lovely place to visit, and has a number of attractions.  More information can be found here on the city’s tourism website!

There are a number of hotels in the downtown area which are reasonably priced and appear to have good reviews.  Downtown would be the best place to situate yourself.  Oak Bay is a 15-20 minute drive from there.  Oak Bay, which is a separate municipality, has two hotels – one is a B&B and one is a luxury hotel.  Summer is a busy time in Victoria, and it is recommended to book your room early, if possible.

List of Children of Frederick and Mary Paulin(e)

1) Louisa Mary b.1860
2) Frederick Arthur b.1861
3) George b.1863
4) Ernest Alfred b.1864
5) Herbert William b.1866
6) Bessie b.1868
7) Amy b.1869
8) Florence b.1871
9) Violet b.1873
10) Sarah (Sally, Sadie) b.1874
11) Marion (Polly) b.1875
12) John Albert b.1877
13) Nellie b.1879

The family went by the name Paulin when they lived in England, but changed the spelling to Pauline when they moved to Victoria/Oak Bay.  After the death of Frederick Pauline Sr the majority of those carrying the name Pauline changed it back to Paulin, except Frederick Arthur Pauline and his descendants.