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Galt Caledonian Games, 1882

Alloa Advertiser 2 Sep 1882 p3

Caledonian Games at Galt, Ont

The fourth annual games of the Galt Caledonian Society came off on the 10th August, and were very successful, although the weather was rather unsettled.  The competitions were far above the average and created great interest.  Donald Dinnie, of course, carried everything before him in the heavy weight contests, but the other athletes made good records, as the following abstract of the prize list shows: –

Putting heavy stone, 21 lbs – 1. Donald Dinnie, 37 ft 6 in; 2 Archibald Scott, Brussells, 35 ft 8 in; 3 M Macdonald, Toronto, 32 ft.

Running High Jump 1 A Scott, 5 ft, 5 in; 2 A Watson, Ratho, 5 ft 3 in; 3 M Macdonald 5 ft

Strathspeys and Reels – 1 H Henderson, Alliston; 2 John Monroe Buffalo, 3 Donald Dinnie

Putting light stone -1 Donald Dinnie 45 ft 2 in; 2 A Scott, 41 ft; 3 M Macdonald 40ft 6 in

Throwing heavy hammer – 1 Donald Dinnie 100 ft 3 in; 3 M Macdonald 89 ft 5 in; 3 A Scott 102 ft 3 in

Tossing caber – 1 Donald Dinnie 38 ft 5 in; M Macdonald 36 ft 10 in; 3 T Shields 34 ft 10 in

Reel of Tulloch – 1 John Munroe; 2 H Henderson; 3 Donald Dinnie

Best dressed Highlander – Dr M Michael, Buffalo.

Sword dance 1 H Henderson; 2 John Munroe

Best Piper, march and quicksteps – Smith and Munroe, equal.

Highland Fling – 1 H Henderson; 2 Donald Dinnie

Best pibroch player – G Smith


Societe St-Jean-Baptiste, Glengarry, ON, 1892

Glengarry News, 9 Jun 1892 page 2


Societe St Jean Baptiste

Une assemblee de cette societe a eu lieu mardi soir a la residence de MA Gagnon pour prendre les mesures necessaries pour feter dignement la fete nationale des Canadiens Francais – le 24 juin.  En l’absence du president et du vice-president, M JF Sauve occupait le fauteuil, et M J Fillion remplisait la charge de secretaire.

Apres quelques pourparleurs il fut decide que tous les Canadiens Français d’Alexandria et des allentours soient invites de se rendre ce matin la chez M Gagnon pas plus tard que 7 hrs, d’où la procession, precedee par la fanfare d’Alexandria, partira pour se rendre a la Cathedrale.  Une grand’messe sera chante par un chœur compose de Canadiens Français, apres laquelle la procession defilera par les principales rues du village et se rendra de nouveau chez M Gagnon, ou ils se disperont pir se rassembler dans l’apres-midi.

Comme les finances de la societe ne permettent pas d’extravagances, il a été decide de feter en famille cette annee. Un comite compose de MM JF Sauve, Pilon et J Fillion fut ensuite choisi pour aller aupres des directeurs du Rond des Courses pour prendre des arrangements pour feter le reste de la journee avec eux sur le rond.

L’assemblee fut ensuite ajournee a demain (vendredi) soir pour permettre au comite de faire son rapport.  Il faut esperer que les Canadiens environnants se rendront on foule pour faire honneur a ce grand jour des Canadiens Français.

St Andrew’s Society Meeting, Rasco’s Hotel, Montreal, 1835

12 November 1835, page 2


We beg to remind the members of the St Andrew’s Society that the November quarterly meeting will be held at Rasco’s Hotel, this evening, at seven o’clock.  As the election of office-bearers for the ensuing year, by the Rules of the Society is appointed for this general meeting, a numerous assembly of members is expected.


We are glad to find the example shown by Montreal in the formation of the St Andrew’s Society, followed in different parts of the two provinces.  Already we have recorded the proceedings of the sons of Scotia resident in Quebec and Niagara; we have now the pleasure of directing attention to the following proceedings by which it will be observed that a St Andrew’s Society has been established for the Newcastle District in the upper province.

At a numerous meeting of gentlemen held at Piper’s Hotel Grafton on Friday 30th October, favourable to the formation of a St Andrew’s Society in the district.


John Steele Esq of Colborne being called to the Chair, and Mr John Irvine of Coburg appointed secretary, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:


Resolved that in the opinion of this meeting, it is expedient to form a St Andrew’s Society for benevolent purposes

Resolved that the society be called “The District of Newcastle St Andrew’s Society.”

Resolved that a committee of eight be appointed to draft rules and regulations for the government of the society, and that they be empowered to receive the names of such individuals as may be inclined to become members – four of whom to form a quorum.

Resolved that the following gentlemen constitute the committee: Messrs John Steele, Dugald Campbell, John Taylor, Alexander Jack, John Irvine, David Brodie, Kenneth Mackenzie and Capt John Macdonald.

Resolved that a public meeting of the society be held at Grafton on Monday 16th November next at three o’clock pm to receive the report of the committee to adopt rules and regulations for the constitution of the society, and to elect office-bearers for the ensuing year – and that a notice be given  in the Cobourg papers of the same.

Resolved – that the editors of the Cobourg papers be requested to publish the foregoing resolutions.

John Steele, Chairman

John Irvine, Secretary

Grafton, 30th October 1835.

St Patrick’s Society Picnic, Montreal, 1871

Montreal Gazette, 3 July 1871, page 2.


The Pic-nic of this Society, no matte where it is held, whether at the Islands of Boucherville; the still more unromantic locality of St Lambert’s, or in the vicinity of the city, is always successful but never was it more successful than the pic-nic yesterday.  The scene of the picnic, if the term may be used, was on the grounds of Mr Jas Howley, on Upper St Antoine street, opposite Canning street, and better grounds for an occasion of the kind could not be found anywhere.  The grounds are in every respect as they were said to be, conveniently situated, pretty in appearance, well shaded, with a large stream of water running through, in which is it very pretty island. The grounds were crowded at one time during the afternoon there being no less than 4000 persons present. A large platform for dancing had been erected, and in the music of a very fair quadrille band, afforded ample accommodation for the numerous dancers who tripped the light fantastic toe until the pic-nic came for a conclusion. The land of the St Bridget’s Society played in excellent style.  The following list of games were contested for:

  1. 1st                    2nd

Running high leap ……………………………………………………….$3                               $2

Running long leap ……………………………………………………….$3                               $2

Race, in heats, 150 yards……………………………………………..$3                               $2

Boy’s race, 100 yards …………………………………………………..$2                              $1

Hurdle race, 3 ½ ft hurdles, in heats ……………………………$3                              $2

Irish Jig …………………………………………………………………………$3                              $2

Short race, 200 yards……………………………………………………$3                               $2

Standing leap……………………………………………………………….$3                               $2

Hop, step and leap ………………………………………………………..$3                            $2

Boy’s sack race ………………………………………………………………$2                            $3

The Society are indebted to Mr Howley for accommodation in one of the most suitable localities for a pic-nic, and the saving of several hundred dollars heretofore expended in the hire of steamboats.

At a late hour the picnic broke up, every one present on the occasion being sorry to part, and anxious to meet on the next occasion of the next pic-nic.  It is calculated that the Society will find themselves, on this occasion, considerably over six hundred dollars in pocket.

Clan McLennan, Montreal, 1896

Glengarry News, 28 February 1896, page 4

The Clan McLennan

In our last issue we referred to the presence in town of Chief Ross, of the Clan McLennan, of Montreal, the purpose of which was to arrive at satisfactory arrangements with the directors of the Alexandria Driving Park Co, by which a monster demonstration under the auspices of the Clan might be held in the Park Grounds on Dominion Day.  A special meeting of the directors of the Driving Park was held on Tuesday evening when a most liberal offer was made to the Clan and which is every probability will be accepted.  On that day the Clan McLennan will run an excursion to Alexandria by special train and should the weather prove favourable the likelihood that over 1000 people will come from Montreal alone.  They will be accompanied we understand, by a magnificent brass band and a number of Highland pipers.  During the afternoon a splendid program of sports and athletic games will be carried out and everything considered this excursion should prove the event of the season.

Annual Snowshoe Steeplechase, Montreal 1878

Montreal Gazette, 3 Jan 1878, page 3

St George’s Snowshoe Club

Annual Steeplechase

Saturday last will long be remembered as a “red-letter day” in the history of this club, not only in connection with the race across the mountain, but also for the thorough hospitality extended by its members to their friends and showshoers of other clubs, who, having availed themselves of the invitation, met at Prendergast’s Hotel after the race and did justice to a substantial supper in true snowshoer’s fashion.

The aspirants for the honor of winning one of the six handsome prizes met at McGill College Gate at 3:30 pm, but the start was not effected until 4:30 o’clock.  Quite a number of visitors and members of sister clubs assembled to see them off, and nto a few of the Montreal Club accompanied them over the mountain, while others went ahead with the object of seeing them come in at the home stretch.  The track was somewhat heavy.  The names of the winners and the time made by them may be seen from the following record:-

JC Bowden, time 22 m 40 s

Davidson, time 23 m

Matthews, time 24 m 30 s

Elliott, time 24 m 40s

McLean, time 26 m 29 s

Dyde, time 26 m 40 s

Mr JC Bowden, the winner of the first prize this year, was also the winner of the first prize last year.  He received a perfect ovation from his fellow members, which not only gave proof of his merit as a good snowshoer, but also testified to his popularity as a thorough good fellow in its most legitimate sense.  The event of the evening, however, was the supper, to which about one hundred persons sat down.  Capt Sully, president of the club, presided, and on his right were Lieut-Col Handyside and Mr Angus Grant, President of the Montreal Club, while on his left he was supported by Mr H Bryson, of the “Athletic,” and Sergeant-Major Lynden, “B” Battery, Dominion Artillery, Quebec.  Mr Neil Warner, Mr RS White and the representatives of the Gazette and Witness were also among the guests.

The following is a list of

The toasts

“the Queen” – National Anthem, solo by Mr Carter, and chorus

“The Prince of Wales and the Royal Family” – song “God Bless the Prince of Wales” by Mr Jarvis

“The Governor-General” proposed by Lt Colonel Handyside, and to which the following spirited chorus was sung in true hearty fashion.  The song itself was sung by Capt Sully”

“then hip, hurrah! We’ll drink his health;

May fortune never on him frown!

Here’s riches, honor, happiness, health

To that rattling boy from the County Down.”

“Our Country”- song, “Dear Canada, our Home,” sung by Mr Vesey

“The Army, Navy and Volunteers,” proposed by Captain Sully, and responded to by Lieut-Colonel Handyside.  During the interval Mr Neil Warner read the “Charge of the Light Brigade” with almost electrical effect, the guests rising t their feet and giving the reader a succession of rousing cheers.  A more magnificent piece of elocution we have never heard without exception.

“Our winter’s sports” was next proposed by Mr Jarvis, of the Witness, who made a very neat and appropriate speech.

The prizes were then distributed by Lieut-Colonel Handyside, and each recipient was awarded hearty cheers.

Our “Sister Clubs” was responded to by Messrs Angus Grant, Murray and Bryson, in suitable terms.

The remaining toasts were:

“The Ladies” – song and chorus.  Dedicated to the St George SS Club by “Paul Ford.”

Volunteer toasts, songs &c (In this and in all things else – )

“England expects every man will do his duty”

“The press” – replies

“Our own club” – club song and chorus

“Strap the snow-shoes on, my boys,

We’ll have another run”

During the evening the band of the Victoria Rifles came from the city to do honor to the club, and were received with great applause.

After the programme had been disposed of, the tables were removed, songs were sung (and by the way, we must not forget to mention the vocal comicalities of Mr Prince, and the excellent singing of Messrs Murray and Vesey), and impromptu dances got up for the occasion.  Space will not admit of giving the gist of the several speeches, which were unusually good.  We had almost forgotten to mention what the prizes were: the 1st was a gold medal, in the shape of a shield, having on its face a pair of snowshoes crossed.  The 2nd, a silver medal with snowshoes crossed, and worked in gold.  The 3rd a gold seal; the 4th a set of gold studs – the 5th, a set of silver studs; the 6th a silver fruit knife, and the 7th a wooden spoon to the last man in the race.  The first six prizes were manufactured by Messrs Savage & Lyman.

Altogether the race and its afterpiece were of the most pleasant character, and the party returned to town about 10 pm, everyone having thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Cercle Canadien of Beauharnois, 1878

Montreal Gazette, 4 January 1878, page 4


Cercle Canadien of Beauharnois


The performances given by this Club at the town of Beauharnois on the 26th and 27th ultimo received full and hearty applause.  The comical pieces, “La Conversion d’un Pecheu” and “La Chambre a deux lits,” were loudly cheered and deserve a special mention.  MM J Deslauriers and M Payan, who acted in these two dramas, contributed greatly to amuse the audience and to render the entertainment most creditable. “Le Duel a Poudre” was received with shouts of enjoyment and laughter, particularly by the ladies, who showed how they sympathised with the unfortunate fate of “Pelo de Patauville” rendered by MA Painchaud.  A number of amateurs gave their services, and a large crowd was present in the hall.  The band of the 64th Batallion performed its portion of the soiree in very good style. The object of this performance was for charitable purposes and for the maintenance of the Club.  “Le Cercle Canadien” recruits its members amongst the most intellectual youth of Beauharnois and the most influential citizens of the locality.  The Club since its formation has always stood in high esteem in the county of Beauharnois, and every one hopes that it will have a long life.  The patriotic object which associates its members is fully rewarded by the deep consideration which it enjoys in this part of the Province of Quebec.

Service Clubs hold Annual Ball, Victoria, 1924

Victoria Colonist, 8 Feb 1924, page 7


Service Clubs to Hold Annual Ball

Gyro Orchestra will furnish music for Fete at Empress on March 3 – Gyros Offer ideas


The service clubs of Victoria will hold their first annual ball on Monday evening, March 2 in the Empress Hotel Ballroom, Gyro George Paulin told members of the Victoria Gyro Club, at their weekly luncheon gathering yesterday noon in the Hudson’s Bay private dining room.  The Kumtukians, Gyros, Kiwanians and Rotarians are joining together to make this function one of the outstanding affairs of its kind of the season.

Mr Paulin told the Gyros that dancing at the Service Club’s Ball would be held from 9 to 2 am, and the music would be provided by the Gyro Orchestra under the leadership of Gyro Chris Wade.  Supper will be served during the evening.  Messrs George Paulin, Frank Hurton and Earl Duke are representing the Gyro Club on the joint service clubs’ committee which is arranging the ball.

The Gyros are enthusiastically behind the Service Club Ball, and will do all in their power to make it a conspicuous success.  The first suggestion of a combined service clubs function was sponsored by the Gyro Club several months ago, and President Finland stated that it was unfortunate that the service clubs had not had such entertainments in the past.

The luncheon was observed as members’ day, and many and varied suggestions of promoting the organisation’s welfare were received. The need of a class for encouraging members in public speaking, the necessity of the hold of introduction stunts, the inauguration of stunts in the weekly luncheon programme, and the advisability of all members wearing their badges at luncheons, were ideas amongst others, advanced for consideration.

Montreal Musical Jubilee, 1878

Montreal Gazette, 24 January 1878, page 4


Montreal Musical Jubilee


This project is making commendable progress, and under the able management of the following Committee of Organisation, success in every particular many be deemed certain: – President, Hon Charles J Coursol; First Vice-President, AW Ogilvie, MPP; Second Vice-President, MC Mullarky; Treasurer, Joel Leduc; Secretary, JE Homier; U Perrault and A Carmel, Esqs.

From the printed circular it appears that the jubilee is a competition open to all corps or bands of music of the Dominion of Canada, divided into two classes – first, the class of corps or bands of music formed and organised in Canada, and which were composed of regular soldiers under control and authority of the Government; second, the class of independent corps or bands of music divided into the first and second class.  The regular bands shall have no right to compete with the independent bands, but the first class of the independent bands may compete with the regular bands if they so desire.  The independent bands of the first class shall not compete with those of the second class, nor the latter class with those of the first, and no band shall compete in classes other than those in which they shall have entered.  Five prizes in gold coin of $2,000 in all, and to be divided as follows: Regular bands, $600 and banner; independent bands, first class, $600; second prizes, $400, each receiving a banner; second class – first prize, $300; second prize, $100, each receiving a banner in addition to the prize.  Five judges shall be chosen from the Dominion of Canada and from the United States, and the banners are to be distributed by ladies of different nationalities.

The circular concludes with a number of rules, a copy of which can be had from JSO Dorval, Secretary, box 448 Post Office, Montreal.

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