Calgary Herald, 7 March 1953

Ontario Woman Accountant Opens Own Office

Toronto (CP) Gwendolyn C Conmee is the first woman chartered accountant in Ontario to have her own business and thinks she may also be the first in Canada.

But Miss Conmee, a brisk decisive blonde, says she will have to work hard to get recognition in a field traditionally dominated by men.

“I am just starting from scratch and expect to have to work very hard.  Women are still comparatively new in chartered accountancy – there are 50 or 60 among 5,000 in Canada – and still have to establish their efficiency and competence on a level with men.”

Miss Conmee became interested in accountancy in 1945 while working in a bank.  She took a certificate course in business at the University of Toronto and her professors suggested a chartered accountant’s course.

“To do that I had to article to a firm for five years and carry a course at the same time. That was in 1945 and firms weren’t very willing to take in women.”

However, she took the Institute of Chartered Accountants course through Queen’s University and was graduated in 1950 at the head of a class of 400.

After graduation she remained with the firm to which she had been articled until February when she struck out on her own.