Salisbury Times, 17 January 1880 page 8

Fancy Ball at the Assembly Rooms

One of the most popular and extensive fancy private invitation dress balls ever given in the city or neighbourhood, was attended, at the Assembly Rooms on Thursday evening, the 8th instant, by a large number of ladies and gentlemen.  The pleasant admixture of characters formed a highly picturesque and of course in some instances, grotesque scenes.  Over a hundred, by the kind invitation of Mrs Churchill-Longman, attended, (the ball, indeed was given in consequence of the coming of age of Miss Violet Longman) and arrayed chiefly as several of the principal leading and representative characters in the world’s history, the ladies and gentlemen, as a whole, provoked reminiscences as incongruous as interesting.  Here a stately Spanish dame was found conversing with a jester; there Queen Elizabeth was “pirouetted” through the mazy dance by Dr Syntax; one’s eye again would be attracted by beholding Carmen, perhaps conversing intently with a Chinaman; and, surprise might be excited at seeing Joe Grimaldi cavalierly attendant on a Foudree, Guitana or other characters. The blending might seem incomprehensible, but it produced a charming result, and by reason of its incongruity, the more notable. The musical portion of the proceedings were under the surveillance of Mr A Foley, and in his selections he exhibited a discriminative and appreciative taste.  The music was, without a doubt, excellent; and its enjoyment was a natural consequence.  Refreshments of a varied character were provided by Mr Humby in a praiseworthy manner; and his arrangements were a noteworthy feature of the excellence of the prominent features of the evening. Undoubtedly the evening was one of the most enjoyable we have ever recorded; and Mrs Churchill-Longman must be congratulated on the result.  Evanescent as success is, the ball will be long remembered by reason of its result, its pleasant characteristics, and its even artistic scenic effects.  We append the names and characters of many of the ladies and gentlemen present:

Mrs Churchill-Longman, Lady of the 19th Century

Miss Churchill-Longman, Titania

Miss V Churchill-Longman, Italian Peasant

Miss E Churchill-Longman, Austrian Peasant

Miss K Churchill-Longman, Red Riding Hood

Mr Churchill-Longman, Joe Grimaldi

Mrs F Coates, Poudree

Miss Coates, Canada

Miss N Cogan, Sicilian Market Girl

Mrs Dawes, Vivandiere

Mrs Fussell, Evening dress

Miss Farr, Normandy Fish Wife

Miss Flower, Arline

Miss Hill, Guitana Tambourine Girl

Miss Haynes, Lady of the last century

Mrs E Kelsey, Helen Forment – Ruben’s Wife

Miss Kent, surpolette

Miss H Kent, Britannia

Miss Lister, winter

Mrs Meyrick, Spanish dress

Mrs Manning, lady of the last century

Mrs Powning, lady of the 19th century

Mrs E Smith, follow the drum

Mrs George Smith, Queen Elizabeth

Miss Smith, Jessica

Miss Bessie Smith, Rosina

Miss Mary Smith, English peasant

Miss Edith W Smith, Neapolitan

Miss Swayne, Olivia Primrose

Miss E Swayne, Spanish Gipsy

Mrs Wilkes, lady of the last century

Miss Waters, French lady of the 15th century

Miss Way, Watteau Shepherdess

Mr G Burtt, Cricketer

Mr E Burtt, Pantaloon

Mr W Burtt, sailor

Dr Coates, court dress

Mr H Coates, huntsman

Mr G Coates, medieval costume

Mr F Coates, marine

Major Cochran, staff uniform

Mr Dawes, Chinaman

Mr A Everett, French cook

Mr Fussell, evening dress

Mr Farr, Charles Surface

Captain Graham, uniform

Mr C Gater, period of George III