Glengarry News, 23 November 1894, page 2

Royalty and Bicycles

The Princess of Wales and her daughter said to have taken to biking

A London dispatch says: – An Apparent authorized announcement that the Princess of Wales and her daughters have taken to riding tricycles is expected to give a tremendous boom to the manufacture of that class of cycling machine which has been in a state of decline for several years.  Polite society has always professed to regard cycling with scorn as an essentially vulgar and plebeian form of exercise and amusement. The Princess, having now set the fashion, fashionable dames and their middle class imitators are bound to follow it.  Much gratification is expressed that the Princess did not take to the bicycles and “rational dress” the use and of abuse of which has brought a great deal of underserved ridicule upon this form of healthy recreation, to the benefit solely of the artists and writers for the comic papers.   It is said that the Princess of Wales commences tricycling by the advice of her doctors.