Glengarry News, 21 February 1896, page 2


The attendance of seventy-five couples of Glengarrians at an entertainment here recently convinces us that the contingent here from the good old county is increasing.  The entertainment was a ball given in professor Norman’s Assembly rooms, Drummond Street, on Thursday night last, by the Heather Social Club, and the presence of so large a number is a sure testimony of the popularity of the Heather Boys.  With an orchestra comprising such well known talent as Miss Jessie Stewart, Messrs AD McDonell, Wm J Davis and John A McDonald, the music would gladden a harder heart than a Scotchman’s.  Mr Norman Alguire discharged with pleasing courtesy the duties of floor manager and Mr Wm Grant was a jolly good prompter.  The order of dances numbered both Scotch reels and Minuets with the band compliment of the intermediate variety, all of which were presented with unbated enthusiasms.  The president and vice president respectively gave an exhibition of Scotch dancing, consisting of the Shenan Trews and Highland Fling, in style and action well worth the loud applause they received.  And then an incident occurred as is usual with all the good things and times of this world – It was the end of the dance.