Dumferline Saturday Press, 15 Oct 1864 p3


New York Caledonian Club Gymnastic Games

(from a special New York Correspondent)

The eighth annual celebration of the games of the New York Caledonians came off at the popular suburban resort known as Jones’ Wood, on the eighth September, and the day being highly propitious, drew together the largest assemblage of “Auld Scotia’s” sons and daughters that has ever taken place on this side of the Atlantic, there being nearly 25,000 people present, the greater part of whom most unmistakably hailing from the “land o’ cakes.” I premise that the club is regularly organised and chartered, is presided over by a chief and four chieftains, and numbers nearly 400 clansmen, all of whom must be Scotsment or Scotsmen’s sons, its principal object being the encouragement of the national dress and games. The club mustered at their headquarters, the Mercer House, early on the morning of the 8th, and being joined by deputations from the sister clubs of Philadelphia, Boston, and Newark, presented a most spirit-stirring sight as they marched down Broadway in the early moring to the city hall, headed by the pipers of the club and Robertson’s famous Scotch Band.  On arriving at the Wood, a photograph of the whole club was taken, followed by a spirited auld-fashioned Scotch reel on the green sward, after which the ring was cleareed for the contesting athletes, the prizes being only open to members of this and sister clubs. The prizes awarded were the following:-

Putting the heavy stone – 1st A Henderson 27 ft; 2d G Grassock 26 ft 5 in

Putting the light stone – 1st A Henderson 31 ft 4 in; 2 G Grassock 31 ft 3 ½ in

Throwing the heavy hammer – 1st John Goldie 68 ft 4 in; 2d G Grassock 67 ft

Throwing the light hammer – 1st John Goldie 88 ft 11 in; 2d G Grassock 81 ft 8 in

Standing Jump – 1st Andrew Foreman 10 ft 6 in; 2d John Goldie 9 ft 11 in

Sword Dance – 1st Lawrence Robertson; 2d John Taylor

Short race – 240 yards 1st John Robertson; 2d A Foreman, time 26 seconds

Boys race – 1st John Robertson; 2d John Manson

Vaulting with the pole – 1st G Goldie 8 ft 3 in; 2d A Foreman 8 ft

Long race – 1st Adam Walker; 2d Thomas Nicol

Tossing the caber – 1st James Stewart; 2d G Grassock

Highland Fling – 1st John Taylor; 2d Lawrence Robertson

Sack race – 1st Lewis Forest; 2d Lawrence Robertson

Standing High Leap – 1st G Goldie 4 ft 7 in; no second awarded

Running High Leap – 1st John Goldie 4 ft 11 in; 2d G Goldie 4 ft 10 in

Hurdle Race -1st Adam Walker; 2d Thomas Nicol

Boys’ Hurdle Race – 1st William Cunningham; 2d John Manson

Hop, step and leap – 1st Andrew Foreman 37 ft 6 in; 2d G Goldie 36 ft 10 in

Wheelbarrow Race – 1st Duncan Miller; 2d Lewis Forest

Most of the games were spiritedly contested, the various competitors being warmly applauded as they excelled in strength, agility or skill.  During the intervals the pipers made the welkin ring, and Scottish hearts beat fast, with the never to be forgotten national airs, bringing to recollection memories of similar gatherings on the braesides of their far away native land.  At the conclusion of the games, the club marched off the ground, and on arriving at the Mercer House, the prizes were awarded to the winning competitors.  All present then partook of the usual bowl of punch, and separated, highly delighted with the day’s proceedings.  This, and similar gatherings of the club, have done a great deal to make the tartan what it now is – the favourite article of wearing apparel of the ladies of New York.