Windsor and Eton Express, 29 June 1833 page 4



A wealthy matron’s only son,

Was early sent to school;

But birch nor love as triumph won –

The lad turned out a fool!

And whilings whispered to annoy,

He was, and would remain a boy!


In this distress, and all in tears,

At Time’s and Money’s waste,

The afflicted parent – ‘mid her fears,

Quick thought of Mechi’s paste,

‘He sharpens all he has a hand in,

And why not sharpen understanding?”


A packet secretly obtained,

With many an anxious vow,

If her fond bosom’s hope was gain’d,

She rubbed it on his brow;

And quickly, as the story runs,

He made conundrums, spoke in puns!


‘A Miracle!’ the matron cried,

While neighbours ran in flocks,

And show’d to all with joyous pride,

The paste that sharpens blocks!

And thanks were voted, one and all,

To Mechi straight, at Leadenhall.


Wit heard the tale with envious thrill,

And soon, without compunction,

Besought the Gods ‘gainst Mechi’s skill

To grant a stern injunction;

But they refus’d, and still he thrives

To sharpen razors, wits or knives!



Price 6d and 1s per Cake

May now be had of nearly all perfumers, stationers, chemists, cutlers, tobacconists, &c in the United Kingdom; and at the Manufactory.


(four doors from Cornhill) London, where Mechi sells the best sirops, razors, scissors, table cutlery &c (as per catalogue gratis) on the reform principle of ready money, small profit, and good articles. Billiard and Bagatelle tables, backgammon, drafts and chess boards and Men, work-boxes, desks, dressing coach &c &c &c.

→ A very liberal allowance to the Trade – Country orders to come through the Travellers of the London Wholesale Houses.