Montreal Gazette, 8 March 1878, page 3



Piper McNeil’s Concert – This complimentary concert and quadrille party came off last night very successfully.  The audience was a large one, and composed principally of the military.  Major Campbell, of the Royal Fusiliers, was chairman, supported by Ewen McLellan, President of the St Andrew’s Society, and Alexander McGibbon, President of the Caledonian Society; also by Lieuts McLellan and Esdaile.  Major Campbell began the evening by a short address, in which he praised Piper McNeil for his good nature in having assisted on many occasions gratuitously at benefits for other people, and he thought that the gentlemen in question ought to be assisted in like manner. Mr McGibbon followed in a similar strain.  The programme was then run through by the remainder in a very successful manner, almost every individual being encored, which in itself is about the best criterion that can be given.  In conclusion Major Campbell reminded his audience of a certain drill to take place on a certain night, and hoped to see as many at their duty as were present for amusement.  Sergeant-Major Fraser then sang “Auld Lang Syne,” “Jolly Good Fellow” and finally “God Save the Queen”.  The pipers (McNeil and Weir) were then called and played the audience up the stairs to the dance hall.  The dancing was well attended, and at the time our reporter left the pipes were sounding a regular Scotch Strathspey, and the dancers seemed to enter into merriment of the hour with a whole heart. Altogether it may be considered a well-deserved success.