Montreal Gazette 10 May 1878, page 3

McCord Museum – Curling on the St. Lawrence, Montreal, QC, composite, 1878 Notman & Sandham 1878, 19th century Silver salts on glass – Wet collodion process 20 x 25 cm Purchase from Associated Screen News Ltd. II-48781

“A Group of Curlers” is the title of a picture in Mr Notman’s studio, and having had occasion to view the picture, we must say that it only required a cursory glance to notice that Mr Notman’s artist does not succeed so well as a painter or colorer- for it is really a photograph colored – as he does in the art of photography. It is a scene on the St Lawrence, with a patch of glare ice, which forms the curling rink.  Around this are grouped many of our well-known curlers, a few snowshoers, and several of our public men also are present enjoying the game.  Lord Dufferin and Lady Dufferin occupy the foreground, and stand with their backs to the curlers, apparently looking in the direction of St Lambert’s, while on the opposite side Sir John Macdonald and others are talking.  The best grouping of the figures is at the point where the curler has just sent off his stone, and a couple of snowshoers are also well posed.  The natural aspect of the St Lawrence is also grand, and Mount Royal is resplendent in snow, shining as if a bright sun’s rays were reflected therefrom.  The ice heaps are also natural, but Montreal seems under a cloud or in a fog, a circumstance inexplicable in view of the brightness of the horizon and everything else in the scene. There are several drawbacks to the success of the picture which need not be here alluded to.  It is understood that His Excellency is to have his choice of the photography or painting.  As a work of Canadian art the former is certainly the better of the two.