Globe, 2 Nov 1912, page 9

Railway Board Chairman Likely named Next Week

Appointment of Mr James Leitch, KC and Mr FE Hodgkins, KC to Bench makes two important vacancies for Ontario and Ottawa to fill.

It is not anticipated that there will be much delay on the part of the Provincial government in appointing a successor to Mr James Leitch, KC, who has been appointed by the Dominion Government to the High Court bench. The selection of the Chairman of the Ontario Railway and Municipal Board does not come as a surprise to Queen’s Park.  In fact, it is generally surmised that Ontario’s representatives were instrumental in securing Mr Leitch’s appointment.  There has been more or less general public dissatisfaction with the administration of the public matters with which the Board has been concerned during Mr Leitch’s incumbency, and his retirement is regarded as likely to relieve much of the embarrassment from which the government has suffered in this connection.

New Man in Sight

No official hint as to the man who is under consideration as the new Chairman of the Ontario Board has, however, been officially communicated. When asked concerning the appointment yesterday the Provincial Premier intimated that he might be able to make an announcement next week, but further than that he would not go. There seems little doubt, however, that the government will consider not alone the legal attainments of the new head of the Board, but also his ability to use initiative and direct the conduct of the Board along broad rather than technical lines in the public interest.  The keen legal knowledge and understanding of technical points, which handicapped Mr Leitch in his duties on the Railway Board, will stand him in good stead on the bench.

Appointments please.

The appointment of Mr Frank M Hodgins, KC to the High Court Bench will probably entail the appointment of another Crown Counsel to conclude the investigation into the affairs of the Farmers Bank, where the commissioner, Sir William R Meredith, returns this month. That appointment will, of course, be a federal one.

“I think the appointments are admirable,” said Sir James Whitney when discussing the matter with the Globe, “and it will be found that they will be well received by the members of the Bar generally throughout the Province.”

New Judges placed.

There was a slight inaccuracy in the statement in yesterday’s Globe announcing the appointment of the new Judges, Sir William Ralph Meredith is made Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal, and his brother RM Meredith, who is now a member of the Court of Appeal, becomes Chief Justice of the Common Please Division of the High Court. Mr FE Hodgins, KC fills the place on the Court of Appeal Bench now occupied by Judge Meredith, and Mr James Leitch, KS, Chairman of the Ontario Railway Board, is one  of the two additional judges provided for in an act passed by the Ontario Legislature two sessions ago, the other appointment being Judge Lennox.