John O’Groat Journal, 22 March 1860, page 2


The Chisholm Estates – A banquet was recently given in Glengarry, Canada, to the new chief of the Chisholm clan.  The Inverness Courier thus notices the event:- The Chisholm is congratulated upon his good fortune in succeeding to a fine estate in his fatherland, nor does the congratulation suffer in its effect from the fact that it is offered by the son of a Highland proprietor who enjoyed great popularity and no slight influence in his day.  His son is now settled down in a district quite as Celtic as any which he could have found in his native land, and perhaps more so than that of which, from his speech, he seems to retain so lively a recollection.  Another Canadian, besides the Chisholm, who has succeeded to a fine Highland property was present at the Banquet in Glengarry – Mr Macgillivray of Dunmarglass, on whom a very high eulogium was passed by the chairman; and we are glad to observe that a third Canadian, who now holds large property in the Highlands, was affectionately remembered on this festive occasion – the Mackintosh of Mackintosh.  Such meetings serve to keep up in Canada the strong feeling which binds the people to their native land, and read here the report of the meeting cannot fail to enlist our sympathy; whole the fact that so many of our Highland estates find heirs amongst the descendants of our countrymen in Canada shows how intimately the people of the two divisions of the empire are united.