Montreal Gazette, 29 July 1918, page 5


Repudiate Bolsheviki

Polish Colony in St Catharines enter protest


St Catharines, Ont, July 18 – Members of the Polish colony of St Catharines, at a mass meeting, openly repudiated the action of a gathering of Russians called last week by the local Soviet of Russian Workers and Peasants’ Deputies.  The Russian gathering in its memorial to Premier Borden, protesting against intervention in Siberia and asking for recognition of the Russian Socialist Soviet Republic, had set forth that their meeting was attended by Poles. This the Polish residents formally denied, and instructed their priest Father I Ostavszewski, to carry their protest to Ottawa, assuring the Canadian government and people that the Poles are not in sympathy with the Bolsheveki and declaring instead, that the agents of the Bolsheveki in Canada were not in sympathy with the aims of the Allies, with whom the Poles now have an army in the field.  It was stated, at the Polish meeting, that agents of the Bolsheveki had endeavoured to enlist the sympathy of Poles in the movement, but without success.  The opinion was freely expressed that agents of the Bolsheveki in this country should be interned.