Globe and Mail, 6 October 1962, page 22

Scot Clan Changed Long ago


Montreal – Oct 5 – A MacGruder by any other name may be a member of the Clan MacGregor but he has to prove it if he wants to belong to the American Clan MacGregor Society, said Lady MacGregor of MacGregor, who visited here briefly enroute to a dinner of the society, Oct 19 in Richmond Virginia.

Since her husband’s death three years ago, Lady MacGregor has lived at Craggan House, Lochearnhead, Perthshire, near the family home, Edinchip, which now belongs to her son Sir Gregor MacGregor, head of the clan.

Lady MacGregor is the only woman member of the amenity committee of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board.  She is the only woman member of the Royal Fine Art Commission.

The dinner at Richmond will be attended by MacGruders as well as MacGregors.

“Some 300 years ago, by act of parliament, the Clan MacGregor was deprived of its name.” Lady MacGregor said.  “Many of the MacGregors changed their name to MacGruder.  But they have to prove they were originally MacGregors before they can join the society.”