Globe, 13 Aug 1897, page 8

Caledonian Association

Annual Convention Held in Toronto Yesterday

No changes in the rules for Caledonian Games – other societies to be recognized – hospitality received


The North American United Caledonian Association went into annual session at the Walker House at 10 o’clock yesterday morning. President James Wright of Montreal was chairman and there were delegates from several American and Canadian cities.  This association was founded in 1871 in New York City, people interested in Caledonian games coming from all parts of the continent in order to provide a uniform set of rules to govern the conduct of the games.  The association is not now so strong as it was a few years ago, several local societies deeming continued membership unnecessary now that a standard for the games has been set.  The Toronto society was one of the last to withdraw, and at yesterday’s meeting general regret was expressed at their decision.  The delegates present were decidedly opposed to the disbanding of the association, on the ground that it would not be long before it would have to be reorganized to again overhaul and unify the rules of the games.  A movement has been begun to increase the membership of the association in the hope of rendering it more effectual.  At present only Caledonian societies are represented, each society sending one delegate for every fifty members. It is now proposed to extend membership privileges to the Sons of Scotland, Scottish clans and other societies holding Scottish games. Messrs DM Robertson and Daniel Rose of Toronto, Dr Ross of New York and W Gardner of Chicago were appointed a committee to deal with the matter and report to the next convention.

Officers for the coming year were elected as follows:- James Wright, Montreal re-elected President; AG Andrews, Detroit, Vice President; L McMillan, Scranton, Second Vice-President; Peter Ross, LLD New York, Secretary; P McEwan, Chicago, Treasurer; P Kinnear, Albany; David Walker, Toronto, and Wm Gardner, Chicago, Managing committee.

No change was made in the rules at this session, several suggestions being referred to a committee for consideration at next meeting.