So here was my question – does Facebook help with genealogy.  So far I have used it only to connect to other genealogists, for advice, events, etc.  But I have wondered, can it be used to connect family members together?

So I have decided to organise a Facebook page for my Paulin(e) family.  I thought since I was already committed to organising a family reunion next year, using Facebook might be a way to connect everyone before the event, and also connect those who are interested in the family, but want to limit their meeting to the virtual world.

So let me introduce you to “The Amazing Paulin Family” page. Here I have organised a bunch of posts to feature pictures of the family that I have, and hopefully family members will also post their pictures as well.  And if there are questions about the family’s history, the questions can go around to those that are involved.  Hopefully interesting answers will result.  I certainly hope for interesting stories. This is designed as a cooperative venture – the more the merrier.

So does Facebook help with directed genealogical research?  Can it bring together the descendants of the 13 children of Frederick Paulin(e) and his wife Mary Cutler?  Time will tell.

If you are related to these people – please join!