The Glengarrian, 20 Dec 1889


The arrest of the ringleaders in the gang of desperados that has made life hardly worth living for the past year, has not entirely put a stop the deviltry that has gone on for so long.  On Friday evening, between 6 and 7 o’clock two men broke into the cheese factory.  Two citizens heard the noise and started to see what was the matter, but being afraid of being fired on, did not approach close.  The burglars went away without doing any further damage than smashing windows and a few utensils, the damage being estimated by Mr McLeod, agenda for Mr DM Macpherson, cheese king, at $10. There was no apparent motive for the outrage, as there was nothing of value in the factory.  Mr Macpherson is away from home at present, but as the parties are known, he will take steps to send them up soon as he returns.