Sporting Life, 24 Sep 1879, p 1

R Daft’s Cricket Tour in Canada and the United States

(By our special correspondent)

Toronto, September 12

After touching on Saturday, the 6th instant, at Rimouski, on the southern bank of the St Lawrence, we steamed rapidly down the river, and reached Quebec on Sunday morning at half-past seven.  As we had some hours at our disposal several of us, including Emmett, Bates, and myself, crossed the St Lawrence, and had a look at Quebec.  The town is not well built, and except in the more aristocratic parts did not seem to be very desirable place to live in.  The monument to General Wolfe we regarded with interest.  The view down the river from the heights of Abraham was very fine, and one wondered, standing in this apparently impregnable position, how Wolfe and his army succeeded.  By one o’clock we had taken our places for Montreal, and passing through a fine country, in which the harvest was over, we reached that city at quarter past eleven on Sunday evening.  We put up at the Windsor Hotel, one of the finest in the world. The dining room itself would hold an entire decent sized English hotel, the staircases are of marble, and the upholstery & c of the most finished description. After breakfast, Orcroft and I had a look at the Montreal Cricket Grounds, and found it small, but in good order. La Crosse is the popular game about Montreal, cricket being in greater favour at Toronto, where there are less French.  We should have played at Montreal first had not the Toronto fixture been made at a date when there were great gatherings expected in that city, owing to there being a great exhibition, review of the troops by the Governor General and the Princess Louise &c.  On Monday the 8th we reached Toronto at elevent in the evening, and found the place so crammed with visitors that it was difficult to find us accomadation.  The Walker Hotel where we stayed ,was very crowded, beds being made up in the billiard room and in the passages.  The city was brilliantly illumintated in honour of the Governor and the Princess, who are expected to be present at our first match, which commences on Wednesday morning.

Our men went to the Toronto Cricket Ground on Tuesday morning to have some practice.  They had scarcely go their land legs, and the play was somewhat loose; Shrewsbury, Selby and Bates were in good form, however, Alfred Shaw with the ball.  The ground is in fine order, and we shall have a good wicket.