Aberdeen Press and Journal, 8 July 1897 p5

A Canadian address to the Queen in Braid Scotch

The Caledonian Society of Montreal cabled a message of congratulation to Her Majesty in braid Scotch.  The message was signed by the president of the society Mr SS Bain and Sir Donald Smith, who has just been elevated to the peerage, was to undertake the placing of the address in Her Majesty’s hands:-

Greeting to Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, from her loyal subjects, the Montreal Caledonian society, Montreal, Canada

Far frae the hills o’ the heather, haunts o’ an earlier day,

But still o’ their dear neuks dreaming, and sindert by naught but the sea,

We, sons o’ the Tweed and the Ettrick, loons frae the Tummel and Spey,

In aefauld pride and affection, offer oor greetings to thee:

Queen o’ oor hearts and oor hamesteads! Laird o’ oor love and oor land!

Lang may we hae thee amang us, a blessing at ance and a biel,

Till He wha has ever been wi’ thee strengthens thy heart and thy hand

To had His ain tryst wi’ thy dear ones, safe in the land o’ the leal.