Orkney Herald and Weekly Advertiser and Gazette for the Orkney & Zetland Islands, 18 Jan 1870 p4

Prince Arthur a Curler – the Canada Scotsman records the presentation to Prince Arthur by the Montreal Caledonian Curling Club of a pair of curling stones and broom.  The presentation was made by Mr A Stevenson, president of the club.  The curling stones, of course, were accepted by His Royal Highness, who shouldered his besom like a veteran, and took his place at the hack, whence he sent the two first stones to the tee, and declared the rink opened amid rousing cheers.  A game then commenced, in which the following players took part: –

AA Stevenson                                                 AC Hutchison

Prince Arthur                                                   Alex McGibbon

Matthew Hutchison                                         Robert Gardner

Wm McGibbon – Skip                                     D Brown – Skip

And two ends were played, the Prince’s side gaining both after a keen contest, both sides playing their best, too many looking on who knew the game to allow any favouritism being shown.  Owing to other engagements, Prince Arthur had then to leave, and retired apparently delighted with his first trial of curling in Canada.