Letter to Mrs George Paulin from son Victor Paulin, France 22 April 1918
Dear mother,

How are things in old Victoria?  Received a letter from Victoria yesterday giving all the latest events, from Nancy Riddell, they are now living at 793 Stillside Ave, wants a snap of me, so I told her to call on you, and you would be sure to give her one.  I hope you received the postcards taken at Ayr and the 2 films taken in France while I was in the pool. I have just returned from Baron von Richtofffen’s funeral, he was the German “star” aviator, and was brought down yesterday by one of the chaps in this wing.  He flew a red tryplane [sic].  I also went and had a look at that this morning.  It was quite a funeral for France, a firing party of Australians, and the pall bearers were officers of the Australian Flying Corps.  During the ceremony a formation of our machines flew around the cemetery, everyone was wishing that he had been brought down alive, as he was a brave fellow.  I have had him dive on me on one occasion, and am not at all sorry he is out of it, at the same time I have every respect in the world for him, if I did not happen to be able to dive faster than he on the occasion I mention, he would have “got me” -as the him tryplane is a very frail machine and is liable to break up at a great speed.  He couldn’t follow me, believe me, I had “gust up” when I knew that the “star”2“him” was on my tail. I received a letter from Aunty Nellie, also one from Ben, Ruby and Hilda, everything in the garden is rosy so far as Ruby and Ben are concerned.  It appears they have both written me, but I have not received the letters.  Say Mother, did Aunty Floss ever write me?  I have never heard from any of our relatives in Victoria, except that one letter from Aunty Doll Aunty Polly.  I must have lost a whole batch of mail.  I have written about a hundred letters for every one I receive.  Expected one from you today, it seems funny that I should receive a letter from Nancy from Victoria, and no other mail with it.  Perhaps some more is coming !!!(This letter was dated 11 March) In case you haven’t received my other letters my address is 23 Squadron, RAF, BED France.  I received a letter from Wilf recently, he was in London for a few days.  I will get leave in about a month, and will send some more music for Dad, tell him to write a few lines once in a while.  I haven’t had a letter from him since I landed in England.  I received a Christmas card from him that is all, Well Ma must close now, hope Toby won’t be a nuisance to you, the best way would be to raffle him for the Red Cross!!  deducting your expenses.

Love to Dad and yourself, your loving son Vic