Montreal Herald, 24 Jan 1862 page 2


Police Court – Thursday

Assault and Battery

John Cuddy vs Mary Jane O’Neill – Cuddy said that on Wednesday he was knocking the snow off the roof of his house in St Mary Street, and when he went down stairs, his wife told him that Mrs Walker (defendant) had been in the house scolding. He then went into defendant’s house and asked her why she had been scolding.  Without answering she struck him, and made use of abusive language.

On the other hand, a witness for the defence stated that Cuddy went into defendant’s house without knocking or asking permission, and that Mrs Walker told him to go away three or four times.  As he would not leave she pushed him gently out of the way.

The court observed that the case was one of such a trifling nature that it should never have been brought there at all. Action dismissed.