tod house 1
Tod House, Victoria, 2008


There has been this idea which has been visiting me now for a wee bit of time, the idea of having all of the descendants of Frederick and Mary Paulin(e) photographed on the porch of the Tod House in Victoria, in a similar pose made by the family in 1891-2.  I know, it sounds a bit whacky, but I am seriously thinking of a family reunion, which would include this.

So I am sending this idea out into the world via the internet and see what people think.

Of course there are issues to be addressed by this idea.  The first is that the City of Oak Bay, who own the historic Tod House, no longer include in the rental agreement the proviso that with notice people can tour the house. (They stopped about ten years ago) It is treated like a normal residential rental, even though the municipality owns the home because it is the oldest house west of Winnipeg.  Would we actually be allowed to gather in front of the house and have our pictures taken as a group?  I am unsure as to the reception.  When I last asked about visiting the place, the person in charge was not particularly warm to the idea, nor any understanding of why family would want to visit there.

Then there are the basics – when would be a good time to hold the event?  I mean summer is wonderful for the weather, and people do get the time off then, usually.  But it is also more expensive for hotels as this is peak tourist season.   How would I contact the descendants?  I do keep in contact with a handful of descendants, and according to ancestry there are Five – yes Five – people in my Ancestry circle related to Frederick – but only four to his wife.  (Yeah – someone thinks that he had children with someone else – though where he found the time with the 13 he had with Mary Cutler – I don’t know).  And well then there is the distance – I don’t live in Victoria/Oak Bay, I don’t live in BC – how does one go about such a task?  It is a bit daunting.

So here it is – my vague plan – to have a reunion of the descendants of the 13 children of Frederick Paulin(e) of Henley-on-Thames and his wife Mary Cutler of Kew : to meet sometime in 2019 in Victoria, BC, and to pose together like Fred, Mary and many of their children and grandchildren did outside their family home, Tod House, in Oak Bay, British Columbia.

Ideas, comments, suggestions all gratefully accepted.