Perthshire Advertiser, 9 Jan 1845, p2


The Game of “Shinty” – this favourite Highland game was played at Blackheath, on the afternoon of Christmas-day, by Highlanders resident in London and its vicinity.  The match was keenly contested, and in a manner that would not dishonour those districts of the Highlands which are noted for the excellence of their play.  There were twenty-five on each side, and the “hails” were placed at about 200 yards from each other. The majority of the players were natives of Inverness and Ross shires.  The “shinties,” which were the property of the “Society of True Highlanders” were distinguished by being knotted with green and red ribbons, and the ball played with was worsted; but a great many were in favour of the “carrick” which is generally played with in the Badenoch and Lochaber districts.  Five “hails” were played.  The greens won three, the reds two.  The play was commenced at twelve, and terminated at half-past three o’clock, without any accident; and those who had enjoyed this healthy sport returned to town by the Greenwich Railway, and, at the terminus, the hearty shaking of hands, and good-natured adieus at parting, testified the friendship which they bore to one another.  They utmost good-feeling prevailed during the game.  The day was beautiful.