When I was a kid I used to watch Batman.  It was already an old show when I watched, in the afternoons, but for me, and for my brother, it was like new.  I vividly remember the fight scenes with the Kapows, Bams, etc., as Batman and Robin vanquished the evil villains like Joker, Penguin, the Riddler and Catwoman.  It was fun to watch.

And now I am watching it again and it is like a whole new series.  Sure there is still the greatly fun fight scenes, but I am an adult now, so I am seeing other things.  I am also placing the faces of the actors, and it is all so new and fresh.

Here are some reflections:

  • First of all I cannot believe that I didn’t think that the costumes for the caped crusaders were so cool – they are just plain odd. I look at them and wonder why they would wear such ugly tights.
  • I marvel at how the commissioner of police and the police chief are always in the commissioner’s office
  • How can Batman finish one conversation off with the commissioner as Bruce Wayne then start another as Batman and the commissioner cannot hear the similarities in the voice?
  • How was it that only at the end of season two Robin got his driver’s license? One episode he actually had to catch a bus from the highway near the batcave to save batman.  How?
  • Why did Batgirl have such a seriously lame theme song when she went on her motorbike?
  • Joan Collins as Siren – too much fun!
  • I love that every episode Batman had a bat-something to detect, prevent, unglue, or something. The prop guys in that show must have had such fun creating the things.  My favourite was the bat-brain analyzer which was really a souped up old over the head hair dryer from a salon.
  • Why did so many villains have underground grottoes?
  • Black Widow was played by Tallulah Bankhead – She was delightful – but so different from Scarlett Johansen.
  • I love that Alfred the Butler had a regular way to get to the batcave, but Batman and Robin always entered and exited the place from Wayne Manor by pole. I think Alfred had the better option.
  • Bruce Wayne was never called Bruce Wayne in the series – he was always “Millionaire Bruce Wayne”


Having a great time reliving old adventures with new eyes.  And while some series from my youth seem to have paled in retrospect (such as the Hardy Boys) Batman still entertains.  Sure it is different from what I remember, but it is still fun, and funny.