The Globe Magazine

24 April 1965, pg. 13

How to sell your husband (and yourself) on an electric dishwasher

  1. Tell him it saves time. You can easily prove this.  During one week, record every minute you spend washing and drying dishes.  Multiply that figure by 52.  Then in a cool, logical way, tell your husband how much time an electric dishwasher will save ou in just one year. It will [illegible] you too! If there are four in your family you will spend at least 225 hours a month doing dishes – a whole working month!
  2. Tell him an electric dishwasher sanitizes dishes. While he is still reeling over all the time you can save show him more figures.  This time, you can talk about bacteria.  University medical research has found the bacteria count on hand-washed plates averaged 390.  The average count on dishwasher-washed plates was under 5! (Dishwashers use water much hotter than hands can stand.  And really hot water kills germs.) Ask your husband to think about the number o family colds you could discourage with an electric dishwasher.
  3. Tell him about your hands. Caress his cheek. Then tell him your touch will be even smoother when your hands aren’t in dirty dishwater three times a day, every day of the year. Talk about the electric touch you can have!
  4. Tell him about economy. An electric dishwasher will do a full load of dishes for 3 to 5c.  This includes heating the water and running the machine.  Also point out to your husband that an electric dishwasher saves money on detergent and towels – and it never drops a plate!  You save hot water too.  There’s no need to hand rinse dirty dishes to get them ready for an electric dishwasher.  You can load them right in from the table.
  5. Tell him about convenience. Tell him that any standard-sized dishwasher can take the whole day’s dishes of an average family in one load! Explain that there are three kinds of electric dishwashers: built-in, portable and convertible.  Built-ins go right under the kitchen counter for permanent convenience. Portables go anywhere – to the dining room for direct loading – to the cottage to give you a real summer holiday.  Convertibles are portables that can become built-ins at any time.

Tell him now!  Tell him how wonderful he is to take away the sheer monotony of washing, rinsing and drying some 48,000 dishes, glasses, pieces of cutlery, pots and pans each year. (Remind him how often he has helped in this never-ending job.) Explain how your new electric dishwasher will give you (and him) a whole working month of freedom each year.

Better go over all these points with your husband again.  It’s worth it… because when your electric dishwasher arrives, so does your Lifetime Holiday from Dishes!

Take a lifetime holiday from dishes!

Ask your electric dishwasher dealer for a demonstration of one of these leading brands:

Eaton’s Viking, Frigidaire, General Electric, Inglis, Kelvinator, Kitchen Aid, Ling-Temco, RCA, Whirlpool, Tappan-Gurney, Westinghouse.