Montreal Gazette, 23 June 1877, page 2


$23,000 Stolen in mid-day from the Grand Trunk Offices

One of the most daring and clever robberies ever perpetrated was committed yesterday, by which the Grand Trunk Railway Company have been victimised to the extent of nearly twenty-three thousand dollars.

The modus operendi was simple and, unhappily, successful and indicates by all appearance, the hand of a skilled operator.  The facts, so far as ascertained, gathered from authentic sources, are very brief.  Such details as have come to our knowledge are withheld for obvious reasons.

Between twelve and one o’clock yesterday Mr David Faulkner, paymaster, having received the usual monthly funds from the Bank of Montreal for payment of the employees deposited the amount in his bag; returned to his office, which is on the third flat of the general offices on Jacques Cartier street, and went to lunch.  He was absent about twenty minutes.

Upon his return he found the door of his office shut, but unlocked, and the money gone.  The door was opened by a patent key.  Communication was at once had with the police, a strict search made, but no trace of the missing funds could be discovered.

No clue has as yet been obtained.  Up to a late hour last evening the detectives were in possession of the building. The trains were thoroughly watched, but nothing satisfactory has as yet been discovered.