Montreal Gazette, 22 July 1918, page 3


To Robert Burns

“Bard of Caledonia”

(Gaed ayent the Bourne July 21, 1796)


O Scottish Bard! Hoo happy, syne, were ye

Yon time? Mang Scotland’s bonnie hills and brase,

Ye, pensive, roamed and dreamed, your homely lays,

Or, when wi’ jovial friens, ye mingled free.

An’ ghaists o’ care, wi’ cup an’ sang, mad flee,

Ken ye, that gane are a’ the ‘guid auld days,

Noo, grisly war his gory haun displays,

An’ grief, her veil, coosts owre the face o’ glee.


Ay, Rab, sic change, I’ troth, is owre the times,

Sma’ space hae we tae con thye weel lo’ed rhymes.


Whilk e’en maun lie unheedit I’ the fauld,

Wi’ mony ither treasures, new an’ auld,

Until ance mair sall break the dawn o’ Peace

Frae sorrow’s thrall, tae gie oor hearts release.


C Bradford.