Montreal Gazette 4 January 1878, page 4

In noticing the many pleasant occurrences of this day, we cannot pass over the feast at the Longue Point Lunatic Asylum, an institution now so well known to the whole community as to require no comment from us.

Alfred Perry, Esq, who has always taken the greatest interest in this institution since it was first established, with the assistance of some of his friends, provided a sumptuous dinner for all the patients – geese, turkeys, mutton, apples and other fruits, etc.  at 1 o’clock dinner was announced, when 500 of the patients took their places in a most quiet and orderly manner, indeed, so quiet and so orderly, that we could hardly conceive we were looking at a room full of insane persons.  Immediately Mr Perry and his friends, Doctor Reid, alderman Mercer, Mr Sinclair, Mr Magor, Mr Buckley and Mr Mortimer, put on a large white aprons, and constituted themselves, for the time being, waiters; and well they performed their parts, for they disjointed geese and turkeys and distributed them just as fast as they were handed to them, and it appeared to us as if the Sisters and the servants of the establishment would never cease bringing in the eadibles.  However, eating, like every other pleasure, must have an end; so after an hour and a half this dinner came to an end, when Alderman Mercer made a very handsome and appropriate address to all the patients, pointing out to them the fact that he had visited many such establishments, not only in this, but in the old country, and never in his life did he see such a well managed institution as that at Longue Point, under the Sisters of Charity.  We congratulate the Sisters, and wish them all success.