The Glengarrian, 27 Sep 1895

The Battle of Chrysler’s Farm

Unveiling of the Monument


The monument was unveiled on Wednesday with most befitting honour and unbounded enthusiasm.  Nearly ten thousand people were present from these United Counties.  Donald McNaughton of Lancaster Village, Warden, occupied the chair of honour, and beside him sat Sir Mackenzie Bowell, Sir James Grant, Hon John Haggart and Hon Mr Dickey, all of whom delivered splendid patriotic speeches.

The distinguished guests arrived from Morrisburg by steam yacht being preceded by a steamboat containing a large number of people, and a Company of Cadets from the High School at Morrisburg. These cadets were composed of the scholars attending the High School, who wore well-fitting dark blue uniforms with white facings, with rifles and bayonets, and were under command of their own officers. Their arrival, and smart soldierlike appearance elicited well merited applause from the crowds of people. It was a fitting tribute to the occasion that these young Canadians could with their ordinary secular education receive instructions in healthy military drill while at school, and the trustees of the High School at Morrisburg deserve no ordinary credit for their patriotic endeavours in this praiseworthy direction.

Nearly one thousand people were there from Cornwall, among whom may be mentioned Dr Bergin, MP, John Bergin, AR McLennan, L Ross, JA McDougall, Wm Mack, ex-MPP, Mayor Mulhern, Dr Hamilton, Dr Graveley, DB Maclennan, QC, JG Snetsinger, ex-MP, D Munroe, and a full contingent of the Sons of Scotland in their picturesque dress, RA Pringle, CH Mattice, W Gibbens, CW Young, Wm Chisholm, Rev Father Corbett, JA Chisholm, while from the county of Glengarry we were proud to see James Rayside, ex-MPP, DD Darragh, GH MacGillivray, Thomas McDonald, Ewan Dingwall, Dr Mowat, Wm Macpherson, Farquhar McLennan, Murdoch McLennan, Donald Fraser, Alex J Grant, ex-MPP, John A Grant, JA McDougall (Capt), James McPherson, JB Snyder, AB McLennan, John J McDonnell of Glen Nevis, in full kilts, and many other loyal men.  The day was one long to be remembered by those who had the good luck to be present. The weather was perfect, and pleasant to travel by road, river or rail.  The Citizen’s Band of Cornwall, furnished fine instrumental music, while the school children of Cornwall and the Glee Club of Morrisburg sang the Canadian National Anthem in such a manner as to arouse the patriotic feelings of the immense gathering to fever heat. The military also proved a most indispensible help to the day’s proceedings by their presence. Col Aylmer, the Assit. Adjutant-General was present from Ottawa, and our local regiment, the 59th was under the command of Lieut-Col Bredin and Major Baker, Captian JA Macdonnell (Greenfield) and Lieuts Nichols and Hearnden of Alexandria, being also present; Lieut Hearnden having the honour of taking charge of the Queen’s colors upon this auspicious occasion.  Space will not allow us to reproduce the patriotic speeches, but next week we hope to give our readers a full report of the interesting and historic words uttered upon the battle field of Chrysler’s Farm by the loyal men who on Wednesday unveiled such a substantial memorial to the noble Canadian and British hearts who fought and died for our Canadian homes in 1812-13.

The Maple Leaf our emblem dear,

The Maple Leaf for ever;

God save our Queen and heaven bless,

The Maple Leaf for ever.

[Note that the monument was moved in 1958 when area was flooded for the St Lawrence Seaway.  It now rests near Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, ON]