Montreal Gazette 23 September 1880 page 2

Canada Day fireworks 2017 (8)The Pyrotechnic Display The display of fireworks on Dominion Square last night excelled in grandeur anything yet seen in Montreal and was witnessed by an immense concourse of spectators. It were bootless to describe at length the beauties of pyrotechnical art which were shewn, their glories, so evanescent are now a thing of the past, and all who saw them can only regret that fireworks even though things of beauty, are not joys forever. The rockets were especially fine, and made grand scents, nor were the set pieces inferior; the whole display, in fact, was one of marked excellence. The music of the band, the moving throng of people and the ever changing aspect of the scene made up a tout ensemble of a most brilliant nature, which will long linger in the memory of those who were fortunate enough to witness it.