Glengarry News, 4 Feb 1892


When New Zealand Sinks

It was formerly, say, fifty years ago, nothing uncommon for a new island to appear above or an old one to disappear beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean.  Such occurrences were sometimes noted as often as two or three times a year, and it were so common as to hardly excite comment among navigators and scientists. Of late, however, the Pacific has been “pacific” indeed.  It will be thirty-six years this coming summer since the last island disappeared and exactly a quarter of a century since the last one popped up its head in the “greatest new oceans.” But geologists argue that this is a suspicious silence an omen of some monstrous catastrophe; that Dame Nature is simply resting for a mighty effort. Sir Sidney Bell even goes so far as to predict that the whole of New Zealand and the greater part of Australia will be engulfed before the end of the year 1925.