Montreal Daily Star, 23 September 1914, page 17


Ottawa, September 25 – Whether women shall be given equal suffrage in the affairs of the Methodist Church is to be definitely settled at the General Conference now in session here. At present they have no voice in the administrative affairs of the church, though many of the ministers and laymen think they should have equal rights with the men. On the other hand, there are many who hold the opposite view.

All the annual conferences have gone on record as being in favour of granting the franchise to women in the church.  Memorials have been passed approving of women having a place on the quarterly boards, management boards and such like.

No other church in Canada gives equal rights to women.

Committees are now preparing resolutions and memorials to submit to the Conference on the question and several prominent women are lobbying to get the measure through.

There is also a strong feeling in some quarters that women should be allowed into the ministry, and in others there is just as strong a feeling against it.