Montreal Gazette, 9 August 1919, page 3

Women take place in political field

Impressions of Montrealer who attended Liberal convention at Ottawa

Although Montreal had no official women delegated at the recent Liberal convention at Ottawa, several Montreal women attended the session of the convention as interested friends of the Liberal party among them being Mrs AR McMaster, president of the Women’s Liberal Association of Montreal; Dr Grace Ritchie England, Mrs Rose Henderson, and Mrs J Archambault.

Dr England’s impression received at the convention was that although on this occasion, the first official appearance of women at a political conference in Canada there was a feeling that something unusual way occurring, that very soon in the political life of the country the men and women would work side by side as exactly similar units of the political body to which they belonged.

There were about a hundred official women delegates present, all from the western provinces and Ontario.  On their entrance at the opening session they are cheered, the tribute given to well known figures of outstanding favorites among the men, and throughout their speeches resolutions and general contributions to the business of the hour were well received.

At the close of the final session it was proposed that a vote of thanks be tendered the ladies, but the Hon Chas Murphy disapproved of the proposal on the grounds that as the women were there as official representatives of Liberal organisations they would appreciate their standing as such being respected by no demonstration being accorded to them on account of sex.