Glengarry News

31 Mar 1892


The Eldest Sister

How much the world owes to the older sister in the home, writes T DeWitt Talmage in the March Ladies Home Journal.  Born while yet the family were in limited circumstances, she had to hold and take care of younger brothers.  And if there is anything that excites my sympathy, it is a little girl carrying round a great heavy child, and getting her ears boxed because she cannot keep him quiet. By the time she gets to womanhood she is pale and worn out, and her attractiveness has been sacrificed on the altar of sisterly fidelity, and she is consigned to celibacy, and society calls her by an ungallant name, but in heaven they call her Miriam.

In most families the two most undesirable places in the record of births are the first and the last, the first because she is worn out with the cares of a home that cannot afford to hire help, and the last because she is spoiled as a pet.

Among the grandest equipages that sweep through the streets of heaven will be those occupied by sisters who sacrificed themselves for brothers. They will have the finest of apocalyptic white horses, and many who on earth looked down on them will have to turn out to let them pass.

And this leads me to the thought: Let sisters not begrudge the time and care bestowed on a brother.  It is hard to believe that any boy you know so well as you do your brother can ever turn out anything very useful.  Well, he may not be a Moses.  There is only one of that kind needed for 6000 years. But I tell you what your brother will be –either a blessing or a curse to society, and a candidated for happiness or wretchedness.  He will, like Moses, have the choice between rubies and living goals, and your influence will have much to do with his decision.