Montreal Daily Star, 12 November 1919, page 4

Bust of Prince to Adorn Parliament

Erected as mark of country’s appreciation of Royal Visit

Ottawa – Nov 12 – To commemorate the placing of the corner stone in the peace tower by the Prince of Wales and as a small token of the country’s appreciation of the royal visit, a marble bust and pedestal of the Prince will be erected in the new parliament building.

The model already completed out of white clay, was exhibited in the hall of the Commons on Saturday and Sunday and was greatly admired. The Prince is shown dressed in military style and his expression though dignified is tinged with a slight smile that lights up his whole face. On the frieze of the pedestal are the Prince of Wales crests.  The whole is done in heroic size and is a striking resemblance of the Prince.

The artists responsible for the work are Messrs G Grandells and F Caracchio both of New York, and the work was done in collaboration with Mr J Pearson, the architect in charge of the construction of the parliament buildings. The New York artists are widely known and are responsible for many famous artistic creations, among them being the flagpole for the New York Public Library, some 500 grotesque figures for the college of the City of New York won by competition special room for the famous Commodore Hotel, New York, and two big groups done in Terra Cotta representing Justice and Light for Harrisburg Penn and many other works of art.