Montreal Gazette, 20 April 1871, page 3


A deputation from the congregation and choir of St James Church, Three Rivers, waited on Miss Ogden on Saturday evening last, to present her with, a testimonial in consideration of her long, efficient and arduous services as organist and conductress of the choir.

The testimonial consisted of a valuable gold watch bearing the following inscription:



By the Congregation and Choir of

St James Church

Three Rivers, Easter of 1871

The congregation are much indebted to Miss Torrance and Miss C Jones for their assistance in carrying out their views in relation to the testimonial.

The following address was read by the Rector:


We appear before you as a deputation on behalf of the congregation and choir of St James’ Church.  They have been long solicitous to pay you a tribute of respect for your meritorious services in having so cheerfully and so constantly, (often in the midst of great discouragements) from a love of the work, and to assist the congregation in the inspiring services of the sanctuary.

From the great interest you have always taken in the welfare of the church of which you are a member, we feel assured you have been in some measure paid by the success which has attended your efforts; for there are few churches out of the larger cities that have so well organized a choir; and the Psalmody so properly rendered, which may be attributed to your fostering care, and the unceasing interest you have taken in it.

Appreciating these privileges, enjoying these advantages, we are pleased to have this opportunity of presenting you with this testimony of our good will and appreciation; at the same time we cannot but regret that it is inadequate to your merits. We hope, however, it will be a means, if possible, of strengthening that bond of union which has united us so long one to another as members of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church.

J Torrance,

Rec or on behalf of the congregation.


I accept with sincere gratification the valuable and elegant testimonial presented by you on behalf of St James’ Church.

To conduct the Psalmody of our solemn worship, I have ever esteemed a great privilege, yet cannot too highly prize the warm and generous expressions of appreciation emanating from those with whom I have been associated in the Sacred Services of our Holy Church.

Cheered and animated by such kind encouragement for the better performance of my responsible duties and with reiterated thanks, I remain,

Respectfully and faithfully yours,


Three Rivers, April 15, 1871.