Birmingham Daily Post 17 January 1882 page 5


Acock’s Green Star v Birchfield Villa – These clubs met on the ground of the former Acock’s Green on Saturday last.  From the kick off the visitors pressed their opponents back to their own goal, and by half-time had scored three goals. After half-time the Birchfield repeated the same performance, and eventually won by six goals to nil.  The Star were penned in from beginning to end, and the score would have been increased but for their good goal-keeping.  The Birchfield goalkeeper only had to stop the ball once.  Teams: Acock’s Green Star: EJ Adams (goal); F Paulin (back); Jenkins, Parsons, and Preston (half-backs); Langley Stephens, Neal, EA Paulin, Playfair and Bradburn (forwards) – Birchfield Villa: Wigley (goal); Lamsdale (back); Green, Keen and Copley (half-backs); Bartlain, Harrison, Woddhall, Mayes, Horton and Morrison (forwards).