Ottawa Citizen, 3 January 1867, page 2




Aurora, blushing in the rosy light,

Passed through the eastern portals of the day,

And from the sleeping earth, so still and white,

Fled the dark shadows of the night away.


The golden sunbeams glanced athwart the sun,

The smoke curled upwards, and the sky was clear,

And suddenly arose to busy life

The earliest morning of another year.


The old year, with its manifold delights,

Its slow monotony, its bitter pain,

Has passed away all silently, and we

Welcome a new year to the earth again.


Linger a moment for a tender thought

Of him who greeted us but yester morn,

For while we slept, unconscious of our loss,

The old friend left us, and the new was born.


New Year, that comest with a friendly face,

Standing, half smiling, at the open door.

We love thee, and we dread thee, knowing not

Aught of the good or evil in thy store.


Yet will we use thee well, and welcome thee,

Though what thou bringest us we cannot tell,

So to part with regret, but not remorse,

When the time comes for thee to say farewell.