Northampton Mercury, 18 October 1794 p3

Important Geographical Discovery

We have received advice, by a private letter from Montreal of a discovery which has been recently made of the highest importance to the Commercial world. Mr McKenzie, a partner in the house of Frobisher, McTavish and Co of Montreal, has lately returned to Michilimakinac after an absence of near three years, during which he has been so fortunate as to penetrate across the Continent to the Pacific Ocean, and reach a place between King George’s Island and Nootka Sound.

This gentleman, whose persevering and enterprising mind well suited him for such an undertaking, in his travels through the North West country some time ago, to establish a more extensive intercourse with the Indians, and to traffic for furs, arrived at the banks of the river which took a western direction, and which he observed to rise upwards of two fee, by the influence of the tide.  In prosecuting a second expedition from Michilimackinac, after undergoing the unavoidable hardships attendant on such a journey, which was carried on in canoes along various rivers and lakes, and often through forests where men were obliged to carry the canoes, he attained the utmost bounds of the western continent.  This circumstance will, in the course of time, be of the greatest consequence to this country, as it opens a direct communication with China, and may doubtless yet lead to further discoveries.

The distance from Michilimakinac to the Western Coast is supposed to be 1500 miles, of which the Company had before established huts as far as 1000 miles.