Morning Post, 15 April 1809 p 3

Hon Mrs Drummond’s Ball


A very elegant Ball and Supper were given on Thursday night by Mrs Drummond of Charing-Cross. In the interior decoration of the very tastefully fitted up residence nothing was wanting to render the entertainment attractive in every respect.  A suite of rooms, three in number, were appropriated for dancing, cards, &c.  Each apartment was illuminated by Grecian lamps, and bell lights.  Precisely at eight o’clock the dancing commenced with Flora McDonald, a new dance, first introduced a few evenings since at a ball given in Cleveland Square by Lady Mary Drummond; it is a very lively and spirited tune.  The ball was opened by the young Duke of Dorset and the beautiful Miss Drummond.  The Earl of Adoyne danced with the Hon Miss Arden, and Mr Drummond with Lady Kinnoul.  Two sets were formed in the second dance, I’ll mak ye fain follow me.  A very sumptuous banquet the company mustering about 150 persons, partook of about midnight.  The dancing afterwards re-commenced and was kept up until five o’clock in the morning.  Reels were danced; they were given with the true Highland Fling by Mr Stewart, of Greenock; Mr Drummond, of Inverness; and another gentleman, whose name we could not learn.  The company were agreeably surprised, and much amused by the wonderful execution of a native Highlander, accoutered in his proper costume, wearing the fillabeg, &c.  He played on the bagpipes and violin, smoked tobacco, and danced reels, all at the same time.  The Duchess of Dorset, Lord and Lady Arden, and many other personages of first rate distinctions, were of the party; together with every branch of the House of Drummond then in London.