The Dublin Evening Mail, 3 July 1862

A Good Landlord – A respected Swinford correspondent writes: – “Major Brabazon, on his arrival here on Monday last from Dublin, met his numerous tenantry at Corley’s Hotel.  He immediately set to the good work of assisting the tenants, by ordering, through his agent, Mr Corley, to each from four to six cwt. of meal, at market price, to be paid at their convenience.  Major Brabazon was the first landlord in this part of the country to set this humane example, for in spring he was here, and by his timely aid the lands of the tenantry have been well cropped and promise, with Divine assistance, an abundant yield.”  Castlebar Telegraph

Corley Hotel on Swinford's main street, 2008
Corley Hotel on Swinford’s main street, 2008