Montreal Daily Star, 1 December 1919, page 7

Santa Claus Came Here by Aeroplane

And now resides at his castle outside Goodwin’s

Santa Claus came to Goodwin’s on Saturday in true chimney-pot style. Always by nature progressive, the children’s patron saint decided to keep abreast of the times and at 4.15 Saturday afternoon appeared from out of the skies and under the able pilotage of Harry Wilshire, landed safe and sound on Fletcher’s Field from an aeroplane.  Here, His Worship the Mayor, was waiting to welcome him and when Santa Claus, clad in white and gold, stepped out of the machine, the former presented him the key to the Castle of Golden Twinkles.

“I hope,” said the Mayor, as he made the presentation, “that this key will be large enough to open the doors of all the homes in Montreal and especially those of the poor.”

Santa thanked the mayor and proceeded by sleigh to his castle at Goodwin’s, as did thousands of his young disciples who had stood in the snow and slush of Fletcher’s Field for as much as an  hour to obtain a good position from which in witness his arrival.  Barely had Santa’s aeroplane touched the ground before swarms of little people accompanied by fatigued but obedient parents, rushed across the field and surrounded him and many of them did not leave his vicinity for over an hour and a half. When their white-whiskered and genial friend got into his sleigh they followed him to the store and when he disappeared inside they formed up on the sidewalk outside his castle and refused to move.

Santa Claus is now officially in residence. From 4 pm to 6 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm, each day he will occupy his castle and from 9 am to 11 am, he will be in the toy department to consult with his young friends in his white fur reception costume.