Ottawa Citizen 12 October 1912, page 3


Pen-Angle Sweater Coats

The proof of a sweater coat is in the wearing!

To the most critical eye, a Pen-Angle Sweater Coat excels any other kind in the evident care with which it was so beautifully knit and finished.  They trying-on test shows it has the stylish look and snug, smooth fit you demand of your outdoor apparel.  Examination of the material reveals the superfine quality of the wool yard that makes it so fleecy, light and warm.  But neither of these three superficial tests can prove how worthy these knit garments are of your preference and the famous trademark they bear.  That proof is in the wearing of them under every outdoor condition – for hunting, boating, golfing, skating, sleighing, driving, walking.  Since the Pen-Angle process knits them perfectly into hunting shape, they remain smart looking and neat-fitting; and the wear is there.

Penmans Limited – Paris, Canada

Underwear Hosiery and Sweaters.