All right, Ancestry has sent me the result of my DNA testing, and they are very interesting.


I am 43% Irish – which is Irish and Scottish if you note the geographical reference for the type on their map.  Not a big shock, and must come from my father who was Scottish and Irish in origin.

I am 27% Great Britain – which reads geographically as English.  Mom was English.

But then it gets more complicated….. I am 11% Scandinavian – which could be Norman or Viking Ancestry.  That could come from either side then really.  I am 8% Eastern European a bit of a surprise, and one that needs investigation.

The fun part really comes in the traces which comprise 10% of my genetic makeup – 7% Iberian (Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa – Morroco), 2% European Jewish, 2% European West (which seems to encompass France and Germany) and most interesting of all 1% Asian South (Indian Subcontinent).  This all very cool.  I must admit to thinking I was largely this British blend with a touch of France.  I wasn’t surprised by the Scandinavian considering the waves of immigration to Britain, but the rest a bit of a surprise.

So where to next?  It seems to me first a matter of trying to find out which side of the family this stuff comes from.  If I consider the Irish to come exclusively from Dad (which is likely but not guaranteed) then there is still 7% missing so some of the interesting mix could come from his line.  Then I have to ask where on Mom’s line did the little bits of different come from?

Ancestry allows you to check your results against others, and to “find cousins.”  Of course to contact these people I have to pay a fee.  I am not there yet, but it looks like I will have to pay up soon.  But they did give the handles of those they thought were cousins.  Fortunately I was able to pick out two cousins I already knew from their matches.  I emailed them.  The closest match came from a second cousin (our mothers were first cousins – so we share great-grandparents) we appear to share similar amounts of Iberian and Jewish ancestry, and she is slightly less on the Scandinavian.  The next one is a third cousin (our grandfathers were first cousins – we share great-great grandparents) and we have similar Iberian amounts and she is slightly less Scandinavian.  So here we are generationally where some of the parts moved in.

I really need to get my first cousin to test to see what comes from Mom’s side and what comes from Dad’s.  Our mothers were sisters.  Dad had no siblings.

I did find on the list of possible 4th cousins a number of people with family names associated with Dad’s family so there is that to investigate.  Yeah, it looks like I am going to have to pay up!

While I am sorry that the rumour of Aboriginal descent was incorrect (or at least appears to be – my brother should be tested for that to be laid to bed permanently – and he does not want to be tested) I am still Indian, just India Indian, and it is something I would like to know more about.  I have to find out which side it comes from first, then I can strategize.

I am rather pleased that I am more of a mix than anticipated, and I am curious at the life lines which connected me to so many different places.

I will update when I have more news…..