Montreal Daily Star, 27 November 1919, page 14

The Prince of Wales, as Chief Morning Star, the symbol of light and hope, comes forward in a new enterprise, and thousands to whom the night brought suffering and pain will greet the Dawn he heralds with gratitude and joy.

Immediately after his return home he pleads the cause or Charity at a Festival Dinner in aid of the Middlesex Hospital, one of the largest charitable institutions in London, which, helping always, now itself needs help to fit for the work which lies before it.  You, who named him thus appropriately, will surely speed him on his way, and aid him fulfil his noble purpose.

$1,00,000 needed.

The Middlesex Hospital (a Voluntary Hospital) treated over 10,000 wounded soldiers during the war, in addition to carrying on its work for civilians.  There are fighting men of Canada who will hold its tender care of them in affectionate remembrance.

Help the Middlesex Hospital

Subcription form

To the Earl of Athlone, chairman

The Middlesex Hospital, London, England

Please place the enclosed {banker’s order/ cheque/ money order} ___________________  to “Chief Morning Star’s” list of donations to the Festival Dinner Appeal Fund of the Middlesex Hospital.

From Getty Images, Prince of Wales as Chief Morning Star of the Stoney Tribe